Governance – School Advisory Board (SAB)

Welcome to Hatton Park’s School Advisory Board Page.

The School Advisory Board (SAB) is a sub-committee of Cambridge Primary Education Trust (CPET) Trustees. Each Academy [School] has its own SAB and each is established by the CPET Board of Trustees in accordance with the Articles of Association of the Trust which detail the responsibilities of the SAB and its relationship with the main CPET Board of Trustees. Membership of the schools SAB normally comprises of not less than 7 and not more than 11 members.

There is an expectation and requirement that each member of the SAB shall act in the best interests of the Academy at all times. The Schools SAB is expected to formally meet at least once in every term. It may also be necessary for other meetings to be held that have an agreed focus or particular remit. A quorum must be present, being three or one third of the members of the SAB (if greater).

Minutes of the SAB meetings can be found at the end of this page.

Our SAB members:

Name Governor Type Position Appointed by Term Of Office
From To
Lesley Birch Executive Headteacher CPET Trust 01/11/2012
Anthony Aguda Headteacher CPET Trust 01/09/2015
Glyn Hughes Trust appointed Chair
Personnel Rep
CPET Trust 23/11/2016 22/11/2020
Johnathan Baker Trust appointed Finance Rep
CPET Trust 01/10/2014 01/10/2018
Lizz Mayers Staff Governor  Pupil Premium CPET Trust 02/02/2016 01/02/2020
Julie Anderson Trust appointed  Resigned from SAB CPET Trust 02/02/2016 01/01/2017
Debbie Lienau Trust appointed  Safeguarding CPET Trust 08/03/2017 07/03/2021
Sarah Cheung Johnson Trust appointed Resigned from SAB CPET Trust 08/03/2017 19/09/2018
Martyn Gilbert Trust appointed Resigned from SAB CPET Trust 08/03/2017 23/01/2019
Mike Todman Parent Governor  English Hatton Park SAB 08/03/2017 07/03/2021
Ed Banham-Hall Parent Governor  Maths Hatton Park SAB 08/03/2017 07/03/2021
Will Dempsey  Trust Appointed  CPET Trust
Kirsty Fuller Trust Appointed CPET Trust

Please click on this link for HP SAB attendance 22 Mar 18

SAB Skills/Knowledge Set

All members of the Trust’s SABs will have a set of common skills and attributes, referred to as Core Trust Skills. These are listed below:

    • Alignment to the vision and ethos of the Trust
    • Numeracy
    • Literacy
    • Demonstrable commitment to the improvement of the Trust for all of the Trust’s Stakeholder
    • Commitment to self-improvement so as to better aid the Trust’s evolution and development
    • Commitment to the time and effort required to effectively serve on the relevant Trust body

It is desirable that such skills are represented by more than one person in all cases. It is also expected that all School Advisors within each of the schools SAB will seek to routinely enhance their skill set through additional training and the Trust will make such training opportunities available.

The Trust’s expectation is that for all school SAB’s, such skills will be drawn from the local communities to the Trust and its academies in the first instance, but it is recognised that the primary driver for the recruitment of personnel to the Trust bodies is skills-based.

Hatton Park Primary School, School Advisory Board

We enter a period of challenge as well as excitement, as our school continues its journey of growth and improvement. Having strong governance and leadership within the school is key to its continued success.

What’s really important to us is that our School Advisory Body members have the right skills, time and commitment to help drive up school improvement as well as the passion and ambition to achieve the best possible educational outcomes for all children at the school.

The main duties and responsibilities of all members of the schools SAB are listed in the document below

SAB duties and responsibilities

Further information

Further information about the roles and responsibilities of SAB can be found in Cambridge Primary Education Trust’s ‘Terms of Reference for School Advisory Boards’.

Please click on the documents below for details of:
CPET Governance Structure (2)
CPET Scheme of Delegation
Complaints policy 2017

Keeping children safe in education – Enhanced DBS Checks

All School Governors, SAB Members and those wishing to become School Advisors are asked to note that The Department for Education has sought to improve the regulatory framework for maintained school governance.

Previously, Enhanced Criminal Records checks weren’t mandatory for maintained school governors and the system of disqualification relies on governors self-disclosing their criminal convictions unless the clerk has asked for a check to be made.

New legislation released by the Government in March 2016 states that Enhanced DBS checks will be mandatory for Governors, School SAB members in Maintained schools. Therefore, all governors and school advisors in any type of school- maintained, independent, academy or free school, must have an Enhanced DBS certificate.

Cambridge Primary Education Trust, require all governors/advisors at all its schools to be fully checked.

Minutes of meetings:

Hatton Park SAB Minutes – 11-July -2017
Hatton Park SAB Minutes – 22-March -2017
Hatton Park SAB Minutes – 26-January-2017
Hatton Park SAB Minutes – 23 – November -2016
Hatton Park LGM Minutes – 18-July -2016
Hatton Park LGM Minutes – 19-April -2016
Hatton Park LGM Minutes Special Meeting – 10 – March – 2016
Hatton Park LGM Minutes – 14-January-2016
Hatton Park LGM Minutes – 08-October-2015
Hatton Park LGM Minutes – 03-June-2015