Friends of Hatton Park

Everyone is invited to be a ‘friend of Hatton park’. This fundraising group of people is led by a small number of parents and staff, supported by many more.

Johnathan Fuller is our current Chair.
Amy Firth is our current Secretary.
Alice Burrell is our current Treasurer.

The Friends organise many events over the year, raising money that supports the school in proving extra resources and opportunities for the children.

There are some events that happen regularly. These are school discos, pub quizzes and Spring/Summer fairs. We like to involve the Longstanton community as much as possible and enjoy collaborations with our local Co-Op ( pictured manning the BBQ at our Summer Fair), our Church and organisations such as the Longstanton Colts, the Scouts and the WI.

If you want to contact the Friends, please look at their facebook page