Art and Design

Art and design embodies some of the highest forms of creativity, covering a broad spectrum of skills, such as drawing, painting, ceramics, photography, media, sculpture and graphics.

At Hatton Park, we aim to engage, inspire and challenge pupils by ensuring they have the opportunity to experience a variety of artistic techniques, using a wide range of materials.

Art is woven throughout the school curriculum, allowing children to immerse themselves in their current topic with an exciting hands-on approach, whether it be learning about different countries, other cultures or historical periods. Extra-curricular opportunities, such as the highly successful KS1 Art club has demonstrated pupil’s excitement and interest in the subject, allowing other whole-school and extra-curricular experiences to be develop.

DSC00140Hatton Park is now a recognised Arts Award Centre, providing exciting new opportunities for pupils to discover, develop and explore their passion for all aspects of the Arts.