We aim to develop the children’s awareness, understanding and appreciation of the past, by providing them with the necessary historical knowledge and skills of enquiry and interpretation that will enable them to shape their own questions, and draw their own conclusions about the past and its relationship to the present.

This begins in Key Stage One with a study of objects and places that are familiar to the children and introduces the vocabulary that relates to the passing of time. It develops in Key Stage Two with the study of specific periods of history, including the eras of the Egyptians and Greeks, and some of the important periods of British History, including the Romans, Saxons and Vikings, the Tudors and Britain since the 1930’s.

The children will use a variety of sources of information for this work, including artefacts, books, photographs, videos and computer programs.  Their studies will include role-play during themed days, participation in performances and talks by visiting specialists and visits to museums and study centres.