At Hatton Park, we have a range of resources including laptops, i-pads, cameras, sensors and more, that enable us to effectively teach the Computing curriculum. These resources are regularly used to help children become familiar with, confident and safe within the ever changing world of technology.

In line with the national curriculum, we seek not just to teach children to use a range of common programs but also to take the first steps into programing. In this way, far from tying us to a keyboard and screen, computing has the potential to extend the intellect and fire the imagination.

The booklet below provides a checklist for parents/carers to think about when overseeing their child’s use of technology at home and to help keep their children safe online.

 Supporting Your Child Through Computing Booklet

On the 8th February 2017, we held a Safer Internet Information evening, The following website was used to illustrate the points made. Please do look at it but be aware it is for parent use in the first instance and to be used as a tool for parents and teachers.

Parents and Carers Check List