Through the teaching of mathematics, we aim to foster in all our children a sense of excitement and joy in the subject ensuring they are equipped with the reasoning and problem solving skills in order to tackle all challenges set.

We teach through a Mastery approach, which develops in all our children a deep understanding of the key concepts in Maths and allows them to make links across the different strands.  We do this by starting very simply with the key concept, ensuring children have the opportunity to experience this through a range of concrete and pictorial representations in order to give meaning to the more abstract nature of the subject.  Key to this approach is ensuring that children can talk confidently about their mathematical thinking therefore, we develop their understanding of mathematical language and its meaning – relevant to the subject. Although we do teach the New National Curriculum, we have a focus on number and try and develop a mathematical fluency in our children so that they can manipulate calculations in order to make them easier.

We believe that ALL children can achieve in mathematics and as part of this we address any misconceptions that may develop within their knowledge quickly so that they can progress without gaps in their understanding.  As well as this, children learn together with an emphasis on whole class teaching.   We see parents as a key partner in this process especially with regard to addressing the cultural image of Maths and as such we encourage them to engage with the school in developing their child’s mathematical competence.