Physical Education (P.E.)

In all P.E. lessons we aim to encourage the children to exercise fully and safely, using and moving apparatus appropriately, and to learn to appreciate the need for exercise and the beneficial effects of physical exercise upon the body.

In gymnastics the children will develop their ability to control their bodies through a variety of tasks, sometimes using the apparatus. They will develop a sensitive awareness of the quality of body movement. Through dance they will be given the opportunity to respond to a variety of styles of music and to express their ideas and emotions creatively.  In games lessons they will develop their co-ordination skills with hands and feet to enable them to use a variety of equipment such as bats and balls, so that they can participate in a range of games that can be played alone or in teams. They will be given opportunities to experience outdoor and adventurous activities and athletics

All the children will have the opportunity to learn to swim when they are in Year  6.  The school transports the children to a local pool where a trained swimming instructor and school staff teach the children.

We are proud to use specialist PE teachers from CPET,  and Swavesey and Comberton Village Colleges to upskill both the children and the staff. During their time at Hatton Park, children will have the opportunity to work with teachers from our Trust schools and also our local Secondary schools.

Competitive events are taken advantage of, with Hatton Park entering in to Tag Rugby, Netball and Cross Country events. In addition, we currently have football, dance, gymnastics, tennis and circus skills clubs that are well attended.


We are also proud to have received the Bronze School Sports Award in the Autumn of 2016 and are now working towards our Silver.