Religious Education

The study of Religion is the study of culture, history and belief across the world and as such it gets to the heart of what it means to be human.

Religion is now taught as an enquiry-based subject and throughout their time in Primary school, children will study and question ideas from people of faith together with people of no faith. No religion or faith is ever singled out and promoted above any other and all faiths are respected.

In the Foundation Stage and Key Stage One the emphasis is on Christianity, Sikhism and the family. Judaism and Islam are introduced in lower Key Stage Two and Hinduism and Buddhism in upper Key Stage Two. Wherever possible studies are based on local areas of interest; so in Year 3 or 4 we study the life of St Etheldreda, the founder of Ely Cathedral, and look at the use of labyrinths in people’s faith with an excellent visit from Ely’s mobile labyrinth. In the upper years of the school we also begin to look at some of the bigger questions in religion today, such as prejudice and discrimination, working towards the study of Ethics at secondary school. Wherever possible we try to invite visitors into school to answer the children’s questions.

If you have any concerns about your child’s study of Religion at school, we are always more than happy to talk with you.