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Hatton Park

Primary School


Safeguarding at Hatton Park covers many areas. Altogether, these create a safe and nurturing environment where everyone can grow to be their best. Safeguarding ranges from adhering to guidelines and policies, through Health and Safety, to supporting everyone's mental health. Safeguarding is everyone's responsibility, be they pupil, staff, governance or community.

Mr Aguda (Headteacher) and Mr Canavan (Assistant Headteacher) are the Designated Safeguarding Leaders  (DSLs) for Hatton Park. Mrs Bett is our Deputy DSL. 

If you would like further information to that below, there is a link to the NSPCC site that has a wealth of advice for parents on keeping children safe. 




All schools have a duty to safeguard young people against radicalisation from extremist views. The main focus is on preventing them from becoming involved in terrorism. In schools, we also gently look at the danger of other extremist views such as racism and homophobia.

Mental Health


Both adults and children can find things overwhelming at times. At Hatton Park, we work hard to create an environment that supports everyone to be mentally healthy in addition to being physically healthy.

It is considered a strength to be able to talk about what worries you and children, staff and parents are encouraged to always share their thoughts with those that they trust.



As the digital world continues to change, we all need to be aware of both the benefits and risks involved with being on-line. We specifically teach the knowledge that children need but it takes constant reminders to keep it fresh in both children's and adults' minds. Below are some helpful links for parents and carers. There are more child-friendly ones under the Our Children tab.