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Hatton Park

Primary School

Who's Who


Executive Principal - Mrs Lesley Birch

Headteacher - Mr Anthony Aguda

Assistant Headteacher - Mr John Canavan


Miss HixsonRobin ClassReception
Mrs Pascoe Wren ClassReception
Miss ChildsOwl ClassYear 1 
Mrs GillanPuffin Class                                 Year 1                         
Mrs BettGoldfinch ClassYear 2
Miss MacDonaldStarling ClassYear 2
Mrs WestonKestrel ClassYear 3 & 4
Mr ThompsonFalcon ClassYear 3 & 4
Miss BlackwellNightingale ClassYear 3 & 4
Miss Weatherstone Osprey ClassYear 5 & 6
Mrs Mathers & Mrs MayersMerlin ClassYear 5 & 6

Mr Canavan

Eagle ClassYear 5 & 6

Mrs Jaarsma, Mrs Marshall

and Mrs Scholan

PPA teachers 


Teaching Assistants:

ReceptionMrs Hughes, Miss Brown, Miss Flack and Mrs Douglas
Year 1 & 2Miss Drew, Mrs Ling, Miss Newton, Mrs Harle and Mrs Douglas
Year 3 & 4Mrs Southon, Mrs Sinclair  and Mrs Phillips
Year 5 & 6Mrs Monk, Mrs Rainsford and Mrs Shefford


Office Staff:

 Mrs Blake, Mrs Gunningham and Mrs Drake


Midday Supervisors

Mrs Mayers, Mrs Hughes, Miss Flack, Mrs Douglas, Mrs Ling, Miss Newton, Mrs Sinclair, Mrs Phillips, Mrs Monk,  Mrs Sennitt and Miss O'Brien


Caretaking and Cleaning:

Mr Simpson, Mrs Newton. Mrs Gilbey and Miss King



Mrs Davie, Mr Falconer and Ms Saunders