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Hatton Park

Primary School

Term Dates

CPET Term Dates – 2020/2021/2022


Autumn Term 2020

Training Day                                                 Thursday 3rd September 2020

Training Day                                                 Friday 4th September 2020
Term Starts for Children                               Monday 7th September 2020
Half Term Holiday                                        Monday 26th October to Friday 30th October 2020
Training Day                                                 Monday 2nd November 2020
Last Day of Term                                          Friday 18th December 2020

Spring Term 2021

Training Day                                                 Monday 4th January 2021
Term Starts for Children                               Tuesday 5th January 2021
Half Term Holiday                                        15th February to 19th February 2021
Last Day of Term                                          Friday 26th March 2021

Summer Term 2021

Term Starts for Children                               Monday 12th April 2021
May Day Bank Holiday                                 Monday 3rd May 2021
Half Term Holiday                                        Monday 31st May to Friday 4th June 2021
Training Day                                                 Friday 25th June 2021
Last Day of Term                                          Thursday 22nd July 2021

Autumn Term 2021

Training Day                                                 Wednesday 1st September 2021

Term starts for children                                Thursday 2nd September 2021

Half Term Holiday                                         Monday 25th October to Friday 29th October 2021

Training Day                                                  Monday 1st November 2021

Last Day of Term                                           Friday 17th December 2021

Spring Term 2022

Training Day                                                 Tuesday 4th January 2022

Term starts for children                                Wednesday 5th January 2022

Half Term Holiday                                        Monday 14th February to Friday 18th February 2022

Last Day of Term                                          Friday 1st April 2022

Summer Term 2022

Training Day                                                  Tuesday 19th April 2022

Term starts for children                                 Wednesday 20th April 2022

May Day Bank Holiday                                  Monday 2nd May 2022

Half Term Holiday                                         Monday 30th May to Friday 3rd June 2022

Training Day                                                  Friday 24th June 2022

Last Day of Term                                           Friday 22nd July 2022